Rafting with Santa Belgica (May 10th & 11th)

Raft1.JPGWeek end with Santa Belgica, in Gunma Ken, around Minakami… As usual, week end was perfectly organized by Bernard and Jan. The Montain Bike and Rafting week end is one of the activity I enjoyed the most 2 years ago, and I was quite excited to experience it once more. First day was the Montain Bike trip, unfortunatly too much japanized. The trip was a bit too short, and the instructor was spending his time showing how to turn right and left and so on … We enjoyed the short moments anyway. The next day, Rafting was just great, much better than 2 years ago. The trip was long and a bit risky ( remenber we almost die, falling in the 6degrees water, when we flipped the raft.;-)).

If you happen to go there, don’t miss the rafting of course, but also a really nice (probably the best I went to) onsen: Takaragawa Onsen. It’s a mixte one, composed of 2 parts splited by the river. Like other people here, I am sure I could spend the whole day there, admiring the flow of the river and the surronding montains. Also, It’s the first time I could touch and play with baby bears.

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  1. eh dis-donc, tu penseras a me passer un coup de balai dans l’atelier parce qu’hier c’etait degueulasse.

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