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  1. I always love the Cherry blossoms every time I go to Japan. Spring time is the best season to have a vacation in Japan.

  2. Thanks for your comments.
    Yes, cherry blossoms is a good season for pictures although I always found it difficult to take a good one. So far, I think I like the one with the clock best.

  3. I have been searching the web for photos of blossoms and these are some of my favourite. I hope you don’t mind but I have used one on my blog – with a link back to you – as I look for inspiration following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan last week. These are lovely images.

  4. who is the man with the bandana? i guess he is a storry teller but no sure …
    lovely pictures of spring

  5. Oui, c’est un manga teller. Il lit des mangas. Je ne suis pas sûr mais je pense qu’il faisait ses lectures devant la gare de Shimo-Kitazawa auparavant avant que les travaux commencent.

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